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Welcome to Brew Bear Coffee House, the cosiest coffee spot in Evesham, Worcestershire! At Brew Bear, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about creating a bear-y special experience for our cherished customers.


Our Story

Founded by a passionate coffee enthusiast who wanted to bring a touch of warmth and community to the heart of Evesham, in 2015 Brew Bear Coffee House was born. Our journey started with a simple idea: to serve exceptional coffee and create a welcoming space where friends, families, and coffee lovers could gather, unwind, and create memorable moments together.


Our Coffee

We take our coffee seriously, and our bearistas are true coffee artisans. We source the finest beans from around the world and which have been roasted to bearfection. From the first sip to the last drop, every cup at Brew Bear is a testament to our dedication to quality and flavour. But Brew Bear is more than just a coffee house; it’s a place to savour the essence of life in every sip, and we promise it’ll be un-BEAR-lievably good!


Meet the Team

Brew Bear Coffee House is now proudly owned by Rob Robinson, who took over the brand and trademarked it in May 2023. Rob is the 4th owner of Brew Bear, continuing the tradition of excellence and community that was set in motion by his predecessors. The journey began with Ben who named Brew Bear (a personal touch using the first two letters from his and his wife’s name), followed by Lee, and then Rhona & Chantal. Each owner has added their unique touch to the Brew Bear story, and we are excited to see what the future holds under Rob’s guidance. We’re keeping the bear spirit alive and thriving!


Our Community

Brew Bear Coffee House is not just a place; it’s a community. We’re proud to be a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s a place to meet old friends, make new ones, and share stories over a steaming cup of your favorite brew. We’re committed to giving back to the community that has embraced us. Together, we make our community un-BEAR-lievably vibrant!


Visit Us

We invite you to come and experience the warmth and friendliness of Brew Bear Coffee House for yourself. Our cozy space is the perfect setting for your coffee escapades, whether you’re seeking a moment of tranquility or a lively gathering with friends. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and let’s share a bear-y wonderful moment over a brew-tiful cup of coffee!


Thank you for being part of our Brew Bear family. We can’t wait to serve you a brew-tiful cup of coffee and make your day a little brighter. Bear with us and savour the moments – that’s the Brew Bear way!


Join us at Brew Bear Coffee House and discover a world of un-BEAR-lievable coffee and community. We look forward to welcoming you with open paws!

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