If you aren’t on Brew Club you need to be and fast. November 1st 2023 sees the end of the founder member rate of £15 a month. Act quick, sign up and lock in the £15 a month whilst you can. 

Founder members need not worry, your price and bearnefits are staying the same, as long as you keep your membership active and uninterrupted by maintaining the subscription and keeping your payments going through. Should your payment not go through or you cancel, then to rejoin brew club you will need to sign up at the new rate of £24.99. No bearter way for the founder members to be rewarded than keep that £15 deal going. 

New posters are ready for display and the window art has been printed. Welcome to an even more exclusive club, the £15 a month deal won’t ever exist again.

Become a Brew Club Original Brew Master. Sign up now!