We want brew club to be used by many. In order for us to make sure it stays the way we intend it to, here are a few terms and conditions, let’s respect the spirit of Brew Club for all.

Unlimited drinks means one every sixty minutes for Brew Club members (thirty minutes Brew Masters). We won’t have a clock out for you, but our system will record when you have your drinks. To be fair to us, this prevents someone with a Brew Club membership inviting three friends into Brew Bear and ordering four drinks at once. In this example your friends could sign up or, pay for their drinks.

Regular menu means all regular hot drinks as indicated on our menu. This includes hot chocolate and tea. Double shots are included. Alternative milks are included as well as a single shot of syrup.

Exclusions will include triple, quadruple shots as well as any seasonal drink, such as a Christmas latte or Easter espresso* these are hypothetical.

Brew Club drinks can be upgraded for a small fee with additional shots, XL sizes and additional syrups.

Brew Bear opening hours – these are subject to change. We are a business and we want to be open as often as we can. However there may be periods when we are closed. This could be through unforeseen circumstances.

Memberships are not refundable. They are not a contract, and last for a month. Your payment will be taken on the same date of each month, starting with the day you signed up. To make sure we are clear for all, there are no refunds for closures, not having your favourite drink, breakdowns, supply issues, pandemics, your absence, etc etc You can of course cancel at any time by revisiting your email. Cancelling still gives you access to Brew Club until the next point of our renewal. You can sign back up at any time, your membership will start from the date you sign up.

Subscription payments are a paid on a monthly recurring basis. Cancelled, missed or late payments will void Brew Club membership. The payment is debited the same time and date each month. For example, if you join on the 16th of the month, your payment will be debited on the 16th of every month.

Price changes. There are no plans to increase the membership price for existing members. This means as a member of Brew Club will receive your hot drinks for the same price each month that you pay the subscription. If you cancel your membership or a membership payment does not go through you will need to sign back up to Brew Club. However, if in the period of absence from being a member the price has changed, you will only be able to sign up at the new price. So keep your brew club monthly membership and future proof your unlimited coffee!

In exceptional circumstances that have an affect on supply of core products, prices may have to be changed. We have no intentions of doing this unless we have to and of course as Brew Club has no contract, you will be able to choose not to renew your subscription.

Misuse and fair usage. For us unlimited means one drink every sixty minutes (thirty minutes Brew Masters) whilst we are open. All Brew Club members will need to identify themselves at the point of order. We will use a variety of methods to identify customers so that brew club memberships are only used by the member themselves. This may include photo I.D, requesting you upload a photo of yourself so we can match you in store or asking you to confirm some basic details such as when your last coffee was ordered, what date is your membership renewal etc. This is to prevent any misuse of Brew Club. Should we find misuse, your membership will be terminated. 

Brew Club members need to be in person in Brew Bear in order to use their membership. You cannot collect drinks on behalf of other Brew Club members. You can purchase a drink for anyone at any time. For example, if a couple have Brew Club membership, you cannot collect for your partner even though they are Brew Club members. They must be in person in Brew Bear to use this facility. You can purchase them a drink if they are unable to attend themselves. 

Brew Club terms and conditions are subject to change. 

*Update for 1st Jan 2024*

Brew Masters £15 a month membership will be limited to one drink per day. 

All existing Brew Club members will be issued with a key fob for obtaining drinks in January 2024. New members will be issued with their fob at their first visit following joining Brew Club.