Roaring Success: Brewing Up a Storm with Thomas Makes Bakes in Evesham Journal!

Hello there, fellow coffee connoisseurs! We’ve got some “grounds” for excitement to share with you today. Our beloved Brew Bear Coffee House recently had the honour of gracing the front page of the Evesham Journal, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. What’s even more fantastic is that we shared the limelight with the exceptionally talented proprietor of “Thomas Makes Bakes,” Mr. Thomas Harrison. If you missed this “brew-tiful” feature, don’t fret – we’ve got all the details right here!


The Evesham Journal recently shone its spotlight on our cozy coffee haven, and it was an experience that left us buzzing with excitement. To be recognised alongside other esteemed local businesses like Thomas Makes Bakes is a testament to the vibrant, supportive community that Evesham embodies.


So, what exactly stirred the excitement? It was a delightful blend of two things that Evesham holds dear: freshly brewed coffee and delectable baked goods! Thomas Harrison, the mastermind behind “Thomas Makes Bakes,” is renowned for his mouthwatering pastries, and we were fortunate to have him grace our coffee house, sharing his scrumptious creations with our patrons. Talk about a “grounds-breaking” partnership!


Our collaboration with Thomas Makes Bakes crafted an exquisite experience for everyone who visited our coffee house that day. The aroma of freshly baked treats mingled with the rich, aromatic scent of our freshly brewed coffee, creating a “mug-nificent” atmosphere. Visitors couldn’t resist capturing the moment and sharing their delightful experiences on social media, making our coffee house the talk of the town.


The Evesham Journal article underscored the passion that Thomas and our Brew Bear Coffee House team share for creating unforgettable moments for our community. We take immense pride in our locally sourced coffee beans and artisanal coffee preparations, and Thomas Makes Bakes mirrors that commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. Together, we’ve raised the bar (pun intended!) for what locals can expect from their favorite coffee spots.


But the excitement doesn’t end there! This collaboration marked just the beginning of our coffee adventure in Evesham. We’re already plotting more delightful partnerships with local businesses, ensuring that our coffee house remains the epicenter of creativity and flavor in the heart of Evesham.


We are truly grateful to the Evesham Journal for featuring us on their front page and affording us the chance to share the spotlight with Thomas Makes Bakes. The article celebrated the dynamic, innovative community that Evesham has grown to become, and we couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of it.


If you haven’t had the chance to visit Brew Bear Coffee House or savor the delightful treats from Thomas Makes Bakes, we extend a warm invitation to join us and experience this unique fusion for yourself. It’s a surefire way to embark on a memorable journey of flavour, community, and togetherness.


Here’s to countless more “brew-tiful” collaborations, to crafting enduring memories, and to continuing our journey of pawsperity at the heart of Evesham. Cheers to Brew Bear Coffee House and Thomas Makes Bakes – the ultimate blend that has our community buzzing with delight